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Ramesh sanat  Arak Co. was established in 2004 by manufacturing the parts of  the agricultural machinery. From the beginning, it could have achieved a very reasonable standing among the other agricultural equipments and machinery by manufacturing modern and strategic parts.

This company planned and manufactured baler RSA86 according to the markets demand and its capabilities in2007.This  machine which is among the agricultural machinery used in forage packaging was welcomed by the farmers and during a short emergence in the market ,it could have reached a very good standing among the distributors and the farmers .this company by implementing the product tracing system has fallowed the after sales tracking and investigation processes for its all machinery and equipment and always tried to use the opinions of the users and the teachicians in manufacturing its products so as to it can  introduce very suitable products useful in all agricultural conditions.

Baler RSA86 was tested by the center for approving the agricultural Machinery in Iran (Karaj test mechanization center ) and was given the official certificate and test report.

شرکت رامش صنعت اراک
بیلر رامش صنعت

Baler RSA-SB96

Baler RSA-SB96

Ramesh Sanat Arak Products

بیلر رامش صنعت اراک

Due to the market demand for agricultural equipment, Baler RSA86 was designed and manufactured by Ramesh Sanat Arak Company in 2007 for baling the forage. It was developed with the knowledge and capabilities of the company to be used by the farmers.

baler RSA-SB96

The prominent feature of Baler RSA-SB96 is the unique design, which with less width, makes it easy to navigate on narrow roads and on the farm while working between the forage lines ready to be compressed.

lazer RSA FL3015

Since 2015, Ramesh Sanat Arak Company has started researching and prototyping in the field of laser cutting machine and now, it manufactures the imported products inside the country and provides the highest level of after-sales services.

سازه ها فلزی رامش صنعت ارااک

Designing and manufacturing steel structures is another capability of Ramesh Sanat Arak Company. In this regard, having unique capabilities, the steel frame systems are able to meet the demands of experts in this field.

دستگاه آماده سازی چمن مصنوعی

The artificial grass preparation machine is designed and manufactured by Iranian experts in Ramesh Sanat Arak Company. The machine can be used as manual or automatic for mowing the grass.

اجاق جنگلی رامش صنعت اراک

The forester stove is a different product that is designed and manufactured by Ramesh Sanat Arak Company for cooking into the heart of nature. This unit has two cooking and chimney parts.

Characteristics of Baler RSA-SB96

  • Easy device transportation

  • Standby device

  • Easy feeding

  • High maneuverability

  • Low pick-up depreciation

  • High pick-up harvest width (180cm)

  • Hydraulic lift pick-up

  • Capacity of 10 thread packs

  • One year warranty

  • 10 years After-Sales Service

  • Wide consumer goods sale network in Iran

  • سیستم گریس کاری اتوماتیک

Ramesh Sanat Arak Company: Exporter of Baler

Exporter of Baler

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